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Last night marked the 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother and we got to learn a little more about Ted’s future wife. The episode begins with Ted outside his class. He reprimands the students for underage drinking and spies a beautiful brunette named Cindy. 

We learn that Cindy is getting her PHD. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s got a brain to boot! After sharing a couple confiscated beers, Ted asks her out on a date and she happily accepts.

Later on, Ted is at MacLaren's with the gang and he happily gushes on and on about Cindy. He really believes that this girl might be “The One”.  

That night, as Ted goes to pick Cindy up at her place, future Ted voices in to his future kids that this is the first time he steps into their mother’s place and spies her yellow bus.

Before getting too excited, we then quickly learn that it does not belong to Cindy, but in fact, belongs to her roommate – Ted’s future wife.

Apparently everyone falls in love with Cindy’s roommate when they meet her (and so will Ted), so Cindy tries to convince Ted that she really isn’t that great. It seems to be working out until Ted randomly picks the three things out in Cindy’s room that all either belong to her roommate or her roommate gave to her.

It is obvious that it won’t work out between them and as Ted leaves, he gets a glimpse of his future wife’s leg before she enters the bathroom and accidently leaves behind her yellow umbrella.

Meanwhile, MacLaren’s just hired a super hot bartender that all the guys (and Lily) can’t keep their eyes off of – well, everyone accept Marshall. Barney takes on the mission to score with her and his plan to ignore her backfires. She barely even looks at him. He learns that this is because she has no interest in men in suits.

Even though Barney is obsessed with wearing suits, he trades it down for a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. This exchange  is definitely working for him, but like a junkie he gets the itch to “suit up!”.  He puts on his secret stash that he keeps in the bathroom and something terrible happens to it.

There is no way to save the beloved suit; so like any best friend would do, Barney has it cremated. He brings the urn back to MacLaren’s and falls apart in front of the bartender. She agrees to go home with him to help mend his broken heart.

Once she gets there, she accidently opens his closet door revealing his suit loving closet. This scene leads to the much talked about “Nothing Suits me like a Suit” song and dance that includes the entire gang.

Although this song reveals how much he loves his suits, Barney will be Barney and he tells the hot bartender that he will throw them all away for a night with her. Obviously, he was lying.

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Ted: So do you ever date cute idiots?
Cindy: Almost exclusively.