How I Met Your Mother Review: "Rabbit or Duck"

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How I Met Your Mother was able to take two of the most popular events in February and put both into one episode.

Barney at the Super Bowl

"Rabbit or Duck" had us laughing out loud throughout all of Barney's crazy antics. His quest to land the perfect ten was very ridiculous and totally a pre-relationship Stinson move.

Having Barney hold up a sign during the Superbowl was genius. My question is not what woman would call a guy she saw on TV - but, what woman wouldn't? Even if it's just to see if it was real.

We have to wonder if Barney is just trying to catch up on all the months he wasted away while dating Robin or if this is rebound gone wild? Either way, watching him literally go nuts after each call was hilarious.

It almost felt like we were tuning into an adult version of our beloved childhood cartoons - having Don's face morph into rabbit then a duck was hilarious.

We must agree with the group - Ducks rule. And Don is most definitely a duck. He doesn't wear pants and his name is Donald - CMon! What more needs to be said?

We weren't sure why Ted decided on having Lily and Marshall arrange marriage him. He is one of the most picky guys on the show and although he says he wants to get married - when it comes down to it, we believe he really likes living the single life.

We do have to admit, the writers did get us to hold our breaths for a nano second. What was that between Ted and Robin? Isn't it about time to let that one avenue go? We're happy to see that it looks like Robin found herself a new leading man - a man that willingly chooses to wear pants for her. You go girl!

We had to give it up to Barney - here are a couple of our favorite How I Met Your Mother quotes from last night:

Barney: This phone is cursed - cursed I tell you. | permalink
Barney: I've enlisted Ranjit's services as my personal driver because for the next week I'll be sleeping with hundreds of women and I don't want to take the subway because, you know - germs. | permalink
Barney: Keep your eyes peeled for a red sweater. Based on her texts, she's dirty, dyslexic, and wants to 96 me. | permalink

Rabbit or Duck Review

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Dibs on his wings.


Keep your eyes peeled for a red sweater. Based on her texts, she's dirty, dyslexic, and wants to 96 me.