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Annalise defends a priest who has admitted to killing another priest. At the start of the trial, the appearance of a female churchgoer prompts Father Andrew to change his plea to not guilty. As the team looks to build their case, they find out Father Andrew had a deep friendship with a young boy who ended up committing suicide. Pressed by Annalise to divulge the true nature of their relationship, Father Andrew admits he killed the priest because he found out he was abusing the young boy.

At trial, Annalise gets the female churchgoer to lie and say she was with Father Andrew the night of the murder, but he rebuffs this and ultimately changes his plea back to guilty. 

After meeting with Rudy, Wes starts to think Rebecca may have killed Lila, so he retraces her steps the night of the murder and goes through statements and police records. When he brings his findings to the group, they confront Rebecca and ask her to tell them what really happened to Lila. Rebecca tries to threaten them and they tie her up and place her in the bathroom before calling Annalise for help. 

Annalise gets Frank to arrange for Nate to be beat up in prison, as a way to get him released. She is also able to get the judge on his case removed.

Via flashbacks, the night of Lila's murder shows her getting into a fight with Rebecca, which caused Rebecca to then go to Griffin and arrange for Lila to see them together. After this, Rebecca went to the sorority house to try and find Lila. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Annalise: I humiliated myself in court for you Father, you do not get to lie to me.
Father Andrew: Brian and I spent considerable time together. The dark room had became a place where he felt safe enough to tell me, his friend, what was troubling him. That he was being abused by someone. Shortly after his death, I came to learn that person was Father Bernard. That's why I killed him. And I'd do it again.

And what about your own ethics? You know for a fact that your client is guilty, they've told you as much. And yet you have to stand in front of that jury everyday and lie to their faces.