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Annalise and the student move Rebecca to Annalise's house and put her on trial for the murder of Lila. Each student presents their case against Rebecca, minus Wes, but Annalise doesn't believe any of them have proved she did it. 

After Wes talks to Rebecca, she admits that she drugged Rudy the night of the murder, fearful that he would speak to the police about her altercation with Lila. She also admits to finding Lila's body in the water tank and climbing in to protect herself once she heard other people come on to the roof. 

When Annalise goes to Rebecca to ask her not to tell the police about what happened, they discover Rebecca is gone. Later, Annalise and Frank are shown discussing what to do know that Rebecca has been murdered. 

Annalise lies to the new prosecutor on Nate's case and insists that the night Sam was murdered, Nate followed her home and then got into a physical altercation with Sam.

Flashbacks throughout the episode show Sam and Lila talking on the roof the night of her murder. After assuring her that they would be together, Sam leaves and then places a phone call to someone who owes him a favor. 

Shortly thereafter, Lila is murdered by Frank and thrown into the water tank. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Let's have the trial. You've all convinced yourselves that we were wrong, that Sam didn't kill Lila, that we got Rebecca off for nothing. And you feel unfairly persecuted, trapped. I don't blame you. So let's be fair to everyone and figure it out once and for all. Lets finally give Rebecca her day in court.


Untape her hands, too. We're not monsters! We don't tie people up and hold them captive against their will. Who've you all become?