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Crisp is the name of Ben and Cam’s new designer jean clothing line.

Ben runs into his old teacher to find out information on getting a manufacturer. His teacher tells him that it will be hard to get a manufacturers name from the people he knows, but he will be willing to try.

Cam tells Ben that he has a way of getting a good manufacturer name. They head to a store in the Bronx where all the jeans are made locally. The owner of the store gives them an address to where they get their jeans made.

Cam feels like the BMOC until they arrive at their destination. The store owner gives them an address to a meat packing place.

Ben gets a call from Rachel. She asks him out for a drink and to discuss what happened the other night.

When they meet up Rachel basically tells Ben that she has moved on with Daren and is worried for Ben. Ben doesn’t want any of her pity, so he pays and leaves the restaurant.

Ben meets up with Cam and they head to a party where they run into John Varvatos. He is a super famous fashion designer and by the end of the night they set up a meeting with him to discuss their line of jeans.

Meanwhile, Rene and his grandmother head to their local church. Rene tells the father that he has cleaned up his act and wants to even donate his time and new product - Rasta Monsta to the church.

On the walk back home, Rene’s grandmother asks him to keep a lookout on his cousin Cam. He reluctantly agrees.

Ben and Cam arrive at the Varvatos headquarters to disappointingly not meet with him, but the head of the jean department. This guy informs them that they shouldn’t be looking for a manufacturer, but a pattern maker. Before they leave he also advises them not to go into this business. That it is a waste of money and time.

In the elevator, Ben tells Cam that he is still on board and their next move is to find a local pattern maker. Cam couldn’t be happier.

How To Make It In America
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How To Make It In America Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

You know the secret to selling jeans? Cool pockets.

Random guy

Ben: Do you still like the name?
Francisco: Crisp - hell yeah. Simple understated - kind of like you.