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Ben and his friend, Cam, head over to an art gala to help his friend, Gigi, hang some pictures. Gigi tells him that his ex-girlfriend, Rachel, will be at the showing tonight. She also tells Ben that she has a friend that will be there and is interested in him.

Ben heads to work and runs into a guy, David, he went to high school. David is now super rich and asks Ben if he still designs. Ben tells him that at the moment he is not, but is still trying to find himself.

Cam’s cousin, Rene, gets early paroled. He wants the five grand back that he loaned Cam. Cam tells Ben the truth that he never got someone to invest and now his cousin wants the money or will most likely beat them both up.

At the party, Ben runs into Rachel with her new boyfriend, Darren, in a very awkward moment. Ben then meets Jane.  Jane is the girl Gigi wanted to hook him up with. She invites him to come over to her after party, but Ben declines.

Ben does end up going to the after party at Jane’s house. She has a very metro sexual guy friend, Marco, who makes a sly comment about tapping her ass. After the party dwindles down to the three of them, Jane tells Marco to go home. She walks him out and never returns – ends up making out with Marco in the hallway.

Ben leaves with a bottle of vodka and after getting completely trashed he shows up at Rachel’s house professing his love for her. She tells him to go home.

The next morning Ben gets woken up by Cam to go sell fake leather jackets. They try hustling them on the street, but the cops come and give them a ticket. They try to think of some way of making the money to bring to Rene and feel like they are at their wits end.

Ben comes up with a brilliant idea – he and Cam head over to David’s house and Ben tries to sell a print to him for three grand. David doesn’t like it, but realizes that Ben looks desperate for the cash.  David offers the money to Ben as a loan and he happily accepts. David’s one request is to get the doorman at the Avenue to not hate him.

Rene is startled that they brought back the money. Ben decides to take a great leap and asks Rene if he wants to invest in them. Rene tells Ben that he must be out of his mind.

The next day, Ben and Cam are hauling a huge roll of designer jean material calling everyone they know that they have the best jeans in town for $900. They are on their way to making it.

How To Make It In America
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How To Make It In America Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I'd rather do it once - well.


What's up wit these decks?