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Ben and Cam go to meet with their financial partner, David, to talk about their new business Crisp and the launch party.

Rachel wakes up in bed with Daren.  He tells her he doesn’t remember anything about the night. She realizes that she is late for a meeting and Daren offers to drive.

On the drive to her work, Rachel brings up to Daren that he kissed a dude and asks him about his sexuality. He tells her that he is straight. On the way back, Daren asks Rachel to move in with him.

Rene calls one of his business friends, Joe, and tells him that he believes that his cousin Falco stole from him and needs him to talk to him and give him back his money. Falco tells him to meet him at the school playground. 

When Rene gets there, Falco says he did not steal the money.  Rene sucker punches him again and leaves.  He realizes that God did not want him to have the money and he has to come up with a new legal way to get it.

Ben is at work when he gets a call from Cam. Cam tells him that he can’t find the right shirts that they need to make their sale. Ben gets into it with his boss and tells him that he is leaving no matter if he understands or not.

Ben meets up with Cam at a vintage store to buy the shirts, but they are all too expensive. The sales clerk, Julie, seems interested in Ben. Ben is totally unaware of it and goes back to ask her to come to their party. She happily agrees.

At the party, Ben is upset because he got fired from his job.  Julie comes and tells him that she could help him get all the vintage shirts he wants.

The next morning they go to Julie’s secret place and there is a pile of old vintage shirts for them to go through.

How To Make It In America
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How To Make It In America Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Gentleman to our sons may they have hot mothers and rich fathers.


Our first board meeting and you catered.