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Ben is having sex with his new girl, Julie, when Cam calls to ask him to meet up with him. Julie quasi invites Ben to go to a wedding in Baltimore over the weekend.

Rachel has been avoiding Daren ever since he has asked her to move in. Eddie is on the phone with Daren and she informs Rachel that Daren wants them to decorate his hotel.  They meet with Daren’s bosses who end up loving their ideas.

Rachel is still not comfortable with the idea of working so closely with Daren, but Eddie doesn’t leave it as a choice. Eddie tells Rachel that they are doing this account no matter what.

Ben and Cam are late in paying Rene so he makes them sell Rasta Monsta. As they are promoting the energy drink, they get a call that their shirts are ready.  They decide to leave early to get their shirts. Rene looks into them and finds out that they are not where they said they would be.  The shirts come out wonderful.

Rene meets with the business owner of Rasta Monsta and had to bring his parole officer because his friends were smoking  pot. At the meeting, the owner agrees to make Rene a partner because he too once had to serve time in prison.

Ben and Cam are celebrating their victory about the shirts when their van gets stolen with all the shirts inside. Ben tells Cam that maybe it’s a sign for them to stop their pursuit in making it.

Cam goes to Rene to tell him about his van and when he gets there everyone is celebrating Rene’s success with the Rasta Monsta meeting. Cam nonchalantly tells Rene that the van was stolen.

Ben calls Julie and invites himself to go with her to the wedding. Rachel is waiting outside his apartment for him. She is wasted and tells him that she just wanted more for him and for them. He invites her to come up to his place.

How To Make It In America
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How To Make It In America Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

We're not gangsters, we're not thugs - we are Jews.

Rene's business partner

I could use some Jewish muscle with me.