How to Make It in America Review: "Pilot"

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How to Make It in America is HBO's new show. In the series premeire, we get introduced to the main characters.

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Ben, played by Bryan Greenberg, is a very talented, but clueless designer who hasn't really found any direction in his life. We for one, are very happy to see Bryan Greenberg on our TV every Sunday night. If you haven't seen Prime - go rent it now! He is one very fine piece of man.

Cam is Ben's best friend. He comes in as a hustler trying to make a quick buck. And at the moment, that quick buck is for his cousin Rene. We like Cam and find his antics funny - running away from a cop? What was that?

Rene, played by Luis Guzman, is definitely the most intimidating character on the show, but we have a feeling that he may also be the funniest. What was it with the Jamaican-themed energy drink called Rasta Monsta? That is awesome. 

So far, it looks like Ben is still very much hung up on his ex-girlfriend Rachel. We wonder why they broke up in the first place and if she will come around? She would be an idiot to throw away that sexy boy!

As much as we can agree with the critics on this show being the East-Coast version of Entourage, we feel that there are plenty of differences (obviously, one not being that Marky Mark is a executive producer of both shows). Ben and Cam both have nothing to loose and plenty to gain. These guys may be a glimpse at what it was like for Vince (and crew) before he made it big. And that is one story we like to watch.

All in all How to Make It had us interested. Primarily because we are in love with Bryan and would watch him do just about anything, but the storyline did keep us interested - but, Cmon! Did we really believe that Jane would pick the gay guy over Ben?! That's a little too far fetched, don't you think!?

We leave you with a couple How to Make It in America quotes from last night:

Cam: Dude, she doesn't even look that good - you had her at her prime, no offense. | permalink
Ben: Marco, aren't you gay? | permalink
Ben: What are you twelve? How many more times will you say f- the man. | permalink

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