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Anita is in Laura's car, being taken back to the factory, but Toby gets wind of it and Anita saves him when he almost gets himself knocked down, forcing Laura to let her stay with the family. She tries to make amends with the robot, but after making a truce, Anita shocks Laura with something from her past that causes Laura to flip on her, leaving Joe confused. 

Anita's former persona breaks through, thanks to Mattie over clocking her again, but it leaves as quickly as it arrives. 

Niska almost kills a man when she thinks he wants a one night stand. She is reunited with Leo who goes crazy because she has put them in danger by killing. 

Mattie dumps a part of Anita's binary online and Leo finds it, meaning he knows Anita's location. 

George traps his new synth in the house and has Odi drive him, but Odi is malfunctioning and crashes and George has no idea how to find him.

Pete is angry that the brothel killing is being covered up and wants the truth to come out that a synth was the killer.

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