Humans Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Secrets Revealed

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So that's Milo's endgame? Robot children for childless couples? How lame is that?

This was a huge letdown at the beginning of Humans Season 2 Episode 6. I was really expecting something MUCH more sinister than that.

Morrow Finds the Seraphs - Humans Season 2 Episode 6

Granted, it's really creepy to see robot kids, but the whole deal makes ZERO sense.

This is just a way for Milo to string consumers along, taking advantage of their grief to sign them up for a constantly upgraded robo kid every year.

So it's basically an IPhone with a face. Weak.

Dr. Morrow: You didn't tell me when you hired me you wanted to create conscious children. That's the plan, right? What you're doing, and what I'm doing. They're not unconnected.
Milo: No, they're not unconnected.
Dr. Morrow: You didn't think I'd have ethical concerns? Synth children aren't the solution.

Does Qualia really need a constant revenue stream that badly? 

He used Athena's grief to hook her into this scam, and I'm glad she's rebelling. 

It's just wrong. Taking advantage of grieving families to sell them a look alike child is really sleazy. 

And what about the synths? They have feelings, right? 

How will they feel about having their consciousness ripped out and put into a new, different body every year? Will they endure psychic trauma?

Based on how this first generation of self aware synths are handling it, you betcha they will!

So fine. Let's say you do get one of these robo kids. You raise it. How long will that last? What happens when the kid turns into an adult? 

The robot can't get a real job like a human. Will it just live at home with you until you get so old and infirm that the synth takes care of you until you die?

This is not very well thought out, and the writers should have come up with something better, frankly.

It's a zero sum game they are playing here, and as the big reveal for the season it's pretty bad.

Odi In Crisis - Humans Season 2 Episode 6

Poor, pathetic Odi. I felt so sorry for him.

The broken little puppy that Mattie brought back to life is walking around rudderless, and it's heartbreaking to see.

I know she thinks she's helping, but bringing Odi back has turned out to be a disaster.

He has no purpose, and he's too childlike to figure out where he belongs in this world.

Priest: What made you stop helping people?
Odi: Principally, their deaths.
Priest; I see. Well, they're in a better place.
Odi: Are they? I will join them at once. Do you have a location?
Priest: You'll get there in the end, my son.

The note that he left Mattie scares me, and I wonder if Odi is going to do something bad.

Like end his suffering bad. Can a synth end their existence?

I suppose anything is possible, but I have a really bad feeling about how the Odi story is going to end.

Mia: Why are you still here?
Odi: I was trying to live, but all I feel is fear.
Mia: You have to be stronger if you're going to survive.

I openly wondered in my review of Humans Season 2 Episode 5 if Mia had a strategy for resetting herself, and it turns out she did. 

She knew she would go back to the Hawkins as Anita, and that Mattie would figure out a way to bring Mia back, and that's just what happened. 

I wasn't ready for Mia to just fade away, since she is an integral part of the story.

Not to mention Gemma Chan absolutely kills it as Mia. She's the star for the show for me.

Anita Retirns - Humans Season 2 Episode 6

Sophie is really starting to annoy me, almost as bad as she annoys Joe and Laura.

I get the "synthie" behavior in kids to a certain extent, and Renie breaks my heart.

But she is older, and can process her feelings better than a small child can. 

Sophie sees the stress in her parent's marriage, and this is how she chooses to cope. I get it.

But it still annoys the crap out of me. Does that make me a bad person?

Toby: Sophie is still acting like a synth. Maybe you could talk to her, help her out.
Renie: You assume she needs help?
Toby: Yeah, they're talking about medicating her. Look, I get it, this is you. This is what you want, but she's just a little kid, she's confused.
Renie: Perhaps you're the one who's confused.
Toby: Tell me you're happy?
Renie: We do not feel happiness like you.
Toby: And that's not what I want for her. Please, Renie. Just talk to her.

Toby going to Renie for help is noble, but I wonder what it will do to Renie's fragile psyche. Will Renie try to help? 

My guess is yes, because she really likes Toby. Maybe Toby can save them both: that would be a sweet resolution to both story lines.

Leo Stakes Out the Silo - Humans

Mattie meeting Leo was bound to cause fireworks, and I'm not the least bit surprised she butted heads with cray cray Hester.

Hester is turning out to be the big bad here, not Milo or Qualia IMO. 

She is a murderous psycho, and this will not end well for her or Leo.

Hester: I had sex with him. He's been acting differently since. Does that always happen afterwards?
Mattie: I don't know.
Hester: Have you had sex? You have misplaced affection for him. I believe what Leo is doing is very important. I believe you will try and stop him.
Mattie: And I believe if I activate this override your internal system will shut down, so you'd better chill out.
Hester: I would advise that you not get in the way of our primary objectives.

Hester thinks she's the boss bitch, but I wouldn't mess with Mattie.

She will do what's needed, and she has the hammer.

She can hack anything, and I would think she will do what's right, even if it means bringing Leo and Hester down.

Mia meeting up with Leo's crew at the end should have calmed the waters, but her reveal to Leo about the code will only muddy them instead.

Mia: Has she told you?
Leo: Told us what?
Mia: What she knows. Mattie's completed the code. She's worked out how to wake us up. All of us.

Niska found Astrid, as I predicted, and that should make it easier for her to hide.

I don't know what they will do with Niska at this point. It seems like her story is done. Maybe she will glide off into the sunset with Astrid.

The big "synth rights" plot sort of stopped and withered away. Not a very satisfactory resolution there, unfortunately. 

I was really looking forward to a trial, with all the large questions debated, but it just went poof. Gone.

Karen at Home - Humans Season 2 Episode 2

Karen's story took a turn, what with her bonding with Sam the Seraph, but this leaves me wondering about her future as well. 

He is an unregistered synth, so she can't do the yearly upgrade thingy. How long before she gets bored with Sam? 

Will she kick him to the curb like Pete? Or will they play house until the authorities find Sam and take him away?

None of these outcomes is good, so I wonder why the writers went down this road, other than to make the viewer feel sad, like we do with Odi?

Odi is Saved - Humans Season 2 Episode 2

This one didn't do it for me.

The Seraph endgame reveal was a huge letdown, the Sam thing is a dead end, and the Niska plot is going nowhere fast.

All we are left with is the Hawkins family drama (yawn), and whether or not Leo's crew will free the synths from the silo.

Will that be enough to keep the show from going off the rails? I don't know at this point.

The show is trending downward IMO, so the last two episodes are very important.

That's what I think. Tell me what's on your mind. Was it as much of a letdown for you as it was for me? 

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Humans Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Laura: Mia, are you OK?
Anita: My name is Anita. Would you like some coffee, Laura?
Laura: What happened to you? Mia, are you in there?
Anita: I'm sorry Laura, I don't understand the question.

Dr. Morrow: You didn't tell me when you hired me you wanted to create conscious children. That's the plan, right? What you're doing, and what I'm doing. They're not unconnected.
Milo: No, they're not unconnected.
Dr. Morrow: You didn't think I'd have ethical concerns? Synth children aren't the solution.