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This week on Hung:...

- West Lake High had its Alumni Baseball Game.  Ray didn't want to play, and then he couldn't play because of a shoulder injury he endured while reaching third base with his pregnant client.  Eventually gave in and suited up, knocking a tipped pitch out of the park.

- Mike and Francis are hitting off until he asks her to sponsor the baseball team.  She thinks he's asking for money, so when Tanya asks for money also Francis gets angry.  After talking with Mike at the Alumni Game, she finds out Mike has no idea who Tanya is.

- Jessica's rash is getting bad.  It is the same one she had three years ago when she left Ray.  Ronnie claims it is back because Ray is back in the picture, but Mr. Drecker suggests it's because Jess is now allergic to Ronnie.

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Hung Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm a person, not an ATM machine.


I peed on home plate, I'm not a vandal.