Comforting The Past - I Know What You Did Last Summer
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A flashback shows Lennon dancing and mere seconds before she was hit by the car.

Allison returns home as "Lennon," but her father calls her Allison. He hugs her after she breaks out into tears.

Back in the present, Allison freaks out after finding the severed ram's head. She texts the OG crew to meet up; she keeps her father out of the room.

Courtney hunts down an animal and it breaks through the home. Bruce sends Courtney home for the day with full pay.

It's revealed that Allison is on the dean's list and that she didn't come home during the year. Her father knows that Allison has been smoking.

A flashback reveals that Allison came clean to her father about how Lennon died and what the group did to cover up the body. Allison wanted to go to the police station to come clean, but Bruce convinces her not to as he doesn't want to lose another daughter. They agree that Allison is now Lennon and that "Allison" ran away; they don't think Lennon's friends would protect her.

A car follows Allison in the distance; it watches her from a distance before taking off.

In a flashback, Allison believed that her father and everyone loved Lennon more.

In the present, the OG crew meets in the high school gym. Margot has cut her hair short and Johnny is engaged to their former high school coach. Dylan hasn't talked to anyone in the group. Riley and Johnny stayed on the island all year; no one has received a similar threatening message or thinks Dale knew what happened. They all agree to stick with the plan.

Margot apologizes to Johnny for being mad about him not going to USC. She had blocked him and made memes about him. They make amends and become friends again.

Margot sees the same black truck and Clara. She goes to visit Dylan, but he brushes her off coldly. Dylan thinks they all deserve whatever punishment is heading their way.

Allison worries it could be Dylan since he was planting salt sticks to lure in goats.

The black truck continues to follow Allison on the highway. Riley is at the motel; she there's to help clean up the goat's head.

Margot's mom helps her record a Reel. Johnny reveals he started hooking up with Erik during senior year, and Margot reveals she had a social media breakdown and her mother had to help her. Juilliard didn't work out for Johnny with his music.

Margot thinks "Lennon" put the goat's head in her closet. She thinks "Lennon" is looking for attention.

Riley helps clean up the goat's head. She gives Allison a pill to chill out; Allison takes it.

Bruce interrupts Lyla flirting with a guy at the bar. Lyla, while mad at Bruce, ends up arguing and then hooking up in his office.

While under the drug trip, Allison remembers flashbacks of Lennon at the party and the post-hit and run. She also sees a fake Lennon telling her that it's fun being her. Allison cuts herself to match the marks Lennon had on her body.

In the present, Allison sees the same black truck watching her room from a distance.

Bruce wants to introduce Lyla to "Lennon" but she wants to stay a secret. After Lyla leaves, Bruce finds Allison's necklace left on the stairs.

A flashback is shown of Allison packing a bag and coming up with "Allison's" goodbye note. Bruce forces her to write another letter after the first draft was too sad. He has the letter be filled with cruel comments and why she needed to leave on her own, including talking about her mother's suicide.

Johnny visits "Lennon" and they talk about "Allison"/the OG crew. Johnny is frustrated that he'll never be his true self; Allison gives Johnny a cigarette to smoke. Bruce reminds Allison that she needs to be careful around people and not slip up.

A flashback shows Bruce and Allison burying a suitcase of Allison's things to keep the lie going.

Johnny has a video call with Margot, but the call abruptly ends when someone grabs her. Johnny goes to the school's gym to prepare for his summer job; he finds blood dripping from overhead.

Erik is trapped in a mechanism with weights crushing him down. When Johnny grabs onto the railing for balance, it's loosened and he falls over the balcony. The weight crashes on Erik's face and kills him.

Someone slowly walks to Johnny and attacks him with a weapon.

Allison receives a threatening text and the clown emoji. The rest of the goat's body has been placed on the street to stop her. She screams after discovering something.

A video text is sent to Allison, Riley, Margot, and Dylan of the killer chopping off Johnny's head with a shovel. The police are brought to the school to look over the case.

Bruce digs up the suitcase to see if it's the right necklace.

Clara has the severed ram's head and goes to the cave.

Allison discovered Johnny's severed head by the side of the road.

I Know What You Did Last Summer
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I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

It’s fun to be me.


Bruce: I’m just saying, it might not be so bad if she found out.
Lyla: That we’ve been secretly hooking up her entire life?
Bruce: Not the whole story, just that we’re together now.
Lyla: But we’re not together, we’re just fucking.
Bruce: But you still want more?
Lyla: That was a long time ago. This works now, it’s dirty in a good way. A “put your goddamn dishes in your dishwasher” sort of way.