Unlikely Best Friends - I Know What You Did Last Summer
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A spider burrows into Johnny's head. Allison drives away from Johnny's dead body on the highway; she can't reach her father on the phone.

Allison looks in her father's phone and finds a video of Lyla hooking up with Bruce. She deletes all the records of her calling Bruce.

Riley is riding her bike by the school as the police are taking away Erik's dead body; the head is missing. Clara nearly hits Riley with her car.

Dale turns on the security camera at Ohana before he drives away.

Margot is breaking down in tears to Riley and Allison; she's having a panic attack. The parking lot lights go out, but Dylan reemerges to join the OG crew. Margot and Dylan think "Allison" is the one who killed Johnny; Allison thinks it's someone else.

Margot wants to go to the police, but Dylan shuts it down. The group decides they need to search for the killer.

Lyla calls Bruce to tell him about the murder.

Margot convinces Allison to come to her place so that they're not alone.

A flashback from the party is shown of Allison rushing into the bathroom away from Dylan. In the present, Dylan is being silent to Riley as they're driving her home. It's revealed that Riley tried hooking up with Dylan at the party bouncy house.

Courtney is mad at Riley for not being around to babysit for Kelly's kid. The cops come to speak with Kelly.

Officer Lyla pulls Allison over to make sure she goes home. The mysterious black truck drives toward her, but it drives off as the lights go on.

Bruce and Allison fight about privacy. She reveals that she knows about Johnny's and Erik's deaths.

A flashback is shown of Lennon giving Dylan the drug to use.

Allison receives more threatening text messages from the killer.

While working, Allison overhears people thinking Kelly killed Johnny/Erik. Allison tries to talk with Dylan, but he declines to chat.

A flashback is shown of Lennon and Dylan making out and beginning to hook up.

Lyla is upset Erik's sports camp was canceled for her kids. One of the officers tells her that citizens think it was Kelly.

Allison and Bruce talk about his sexual relationship with Lyla. He tells her that they've been on-again, off-again for a long time. Allison's mother's suicide wasn't due to the hooking up.

The killer sends Allison a location for her to visit.

Lyla visits Kelly to ask her questions about the murders. The other officer walks up to Riley to ask to see her ID and why she's in the area. Courtney gets mad, starts recording him, and tells him to leave her daughter alone.

Dale insinuates to Riley and Dylan that he remembers the previous year.

Allison goes to visit the location where the truck should be. Margot surprises her because she tracked her phone; she doesn't want her to die either. Her security guard keeps texting her to go. The killer sends Allison to a new location to meet.

Bruce looks at surveillance footage of the black truck.

The security cameras at the Snak 'N Stuff follow Allison. The restaurant is abandoned, but she walks inside to find Dale.

Riley and Dylan check the caves; "Allison's" name hasn't been etched into the cave walls.

A flashback shows the post-hooking up between Lennon and Dylan. In the present, Dylan blames himself for "Allison" being on the highway.

Riley, Allison, and Margot think Dale is the killer. Dylan thinks "Allison" was alive and breathing when they left her in the cave. Allison goes off and yells at her friends.

The police officer calls around to locate Johnny's head.

Riley, Margot, and Dylan join Allison in talking to Dale at the Snak 'N Stuff. They freak out because Dale is dead; Riley questions whether "Lennon" killed him. The group is unsure if "Allison" is the one killing people.

The police officer walks into Snak 'N Stuff to pick up a drink. He finds Dale dead with the blue freezie pipe cut through his head and the slushie spilling on the floor. The cops find plenty of drugs in the food.

A flashback shows Dylan turning down Riley in the bouncy castle. More footage is shown of him regretting hooking up with Lennon and him believing he's a bad person.

Johnny's severed head was left abandoned on the front steps of the Wai Huna police department.

Allison's texts the killer about who they are. The killer sends Allison photos and videos of Lennon, include a secret recording Lennon took of her sleeping with Dylan. The killer sends her a password to see more footage.

I Know What You Did Last Summer
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I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Allison: That’s it?
Lyla: Your dad’s been trying to reach you.
Allison: If I don’t go home, you gonna cuff me? I mean, I know you’re into that kinda thing.

Margot: I think we should tell that “sandpaper-pussy-police-woman” what we know.
Riley: Can we not call her “pussy”?
Allison: We’re not calling the police!
Dylan: You’re un-fucking-believable.
Margot: Are you insulting me? I just lost my best friend!
Dylan: We should’ve gone to the police a year ago. And now that you’re in danger…
Margot: Breaking news! We’re all in danger.