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-Kenna is a 16 year old up and coming pop star who witnesses a murder. She and her mother enter WITSEC.

-Kenna sings in the school choir, a clear violation of her WITSEC contract forbidding her from singing in public. Someone poss a video of her singing on youtube and her cover is blown.

-Mary is sent to Las Cruces to deliver a message to Carlos. Carlos isn't picking up his phone because he's on a vision quest.

-When Mary and her dog Oscar arrive, Carlos already knows the message, that his mother died. He saw it in his vision. He also tells Mary that Oscar is her spirit guide and that the choice she's about to make with her child is important to the universe.

-A hitman tracks down Kenna at school. Oscar breaks loose from Mary and startles the hitman. Stan and Marshall capture him as Mary comforts Kenna.

-Oscar eats all of Mary's potential adoption parent files but one.  She tells him she doesn't believe in spirit guides.


In Plain Sight
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In Plain Sight Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Since taking an early retirement from the hubcap business, Carlos has gone a little hippie granola. In addition to his alpacanomics, he fancies himself a bit of a shaman.


Stan: She buy it?
Marshall: I think so. She just hung up without a sarcastic comment.