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-George Stone is mistaken for his criminal brother Billy and both are forced into WITSEC.

-Mary and Marshall bet over who can get their witness successfully settled first.

-It looks like Mary will win until George tries to get his screw up brother moved to another city by framing him for tagging a police cruiser with graffiti.

-Billy decides to make a deal with Rydell, the man he's testifying against, in the hopes of helping his brother. Rydell tries to kill Billy instead.

-Marshall and Mary save Billy. Mary is chastised by Marshall and Stan for putting herself in harms way. George and Billy are moved to another city.

-Stan decides Marshall & Mary have both lost the bet and must pay up. The stakes are to do something they hate for a week. Marshall must eat hot dogs. Mary must take care George's dog.

-Mary tells her mother and sister that she plans to give her child up for adoption. Although initially in shock, they agree to support Mary but Brandi makes the offer that she and Peter will adopt the child if Mary chooses.

In Plain Sight
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In Plain Sight Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Mom, are we seriously going to have this warm and fuzzy catch up in front of all these other weeble wobbles?


For the record, just because my boobs are so big that Dolly Parton can sue for silhouette infringement doesn't mean I'm this delicate flower or some porcelain doll.