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-Ashok Kumar, his wife Sudha, and children Deepika and Vikram enter WITSEC after Ashok is arrested for his involvement with the mob.

-Sudha chooses to divorce Ashok, an arrogant doctor who has enabled her addiction to pain pills. US Attorney Gaffney is afraid the split will hurt the government's case. The two enter marriage counseling.

-Marshall bonds with sixth grader, Vikram over their mutual interest in science and building robots.

-Mary and Marshall notice Stan's behavior is different with Gaffney. Stan admits that he slept with Gaffney's fiance 20 years ago and still feels guilty.

-Stan confronts Mary about her pregnancy. She can no longer take the lead on cases.

-Peter tracks down Mary when she continues to avoid Brandi. He tells Mary she has two days to come clean with Brandi about the pregnancy. Mary tells her in a voicemail message.

-Sudha and Ashok decide to work on their marriage. When Sudha is called to the stand she backs up her husband's testimony, saying that he has made mistakes but he is a good man.

In Plain Sight
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In Plain Sight Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Marshall: Besides I don't mind hanging out with Vic.
Mary: Of course you don't. He's a pint size you with a killer tan.

I tried to tell you, old candy from the bottom of the beauty shop bowl, never a good idea.