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-Beth Webb, a witness is being filmed by her landlord. Delia finds that Beth is hoarding hundreds of dolls in her home when Beth pulls a gun on her.

-When Delia doesn't check in, Mary and Marshall storm in but Delia manages to tale Beth down and get her the help she needs.

-Stan falls for Leah, his dance instructor but hasn't told her. She's considering moving to Santa Fe. Although he misses their last class he finds her before she leaves the school and asks her out to dinner. She says yes.

-ADA Susan Campbell tells Stan that D.C. is considering closing the Albuquerque branch of WITSEC.

-Christi Owens, the neo-nazi girlfriend to the gang that attacked a witness at the courthouse last season, is afraid for her life in prison. She offers information that the brotherhood is planning a hit on a councilman in order to be moved to a safer Federal prison. Marshall encourages her to change her ways and make this her second chance.

-Carlos calls Mary and says he may have seen Diablo King. Mary wants to relocate him but he won't leave his ranch and ops out of WITSEC. He encourages Mary to let the people around her in.

-With Jinx in Miami and Mark on a business trip, Mary brings Norah into WITSEC where Stan, Marshall, Delia and even ADA Campbell pitch in. 

In Plain Sight
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In Plain Sight Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

That spring in your step. Did you get that installed professionally or was it a do it yourself thing?


Are you ready to see daddy today? Mommy's ready for you to see daddy today.