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-Eddie Fredericks, former Navy Seal turned freelance criminal escapes the Marshal service as he jumps off the rooftop balcony while on Marhall's watch.

-Eddie ends up on an Native American reservation where Marshall and Mary are accompanied by local police officer Heather as all three search for their fugitive on horseback.

-After a days search, they find him just before his ex-boss and former partner are about to kill him.

-Stan pulls strings with Susan Campbell to keep the escape from hurting Marshall's career.

-Delia has her suspicions about the future of the Marshal's office.

-Marshall admits to being concerned about Mary in the field now that she has Norah. She tells him if she didn't think she had his back 100% she wouldn't be there.

-Mark has to take Norah to work for the day and finally gets Mary to agree that they need to hire someone to help watch the baby while they work.

In Plain Sight
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In Plain Sight Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

How are you suppose to know the guy's got super Spidey powers?


It's like this guy has no history. His file's full of thick black lines.