Dealing With the Fallout - In The Dark
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Flashes to eight hours before Jess shoots Nia to track what led her there. She and Sterling were having a good time. She went to the grocery store to get tampons. Sam busted in and tried to kill Sterling.

Sterling got away and she tracked down jess and found out that Murphy was in trouble. She told her the truth about working for Nia. Jess left to go after Murphy. She tracked her phone to the bar, saw Nia, and Ben's gun and shot Nia..

Sterling showed up and shot at Vincent.

The gang decided to clean up the crime scene and get rid of the bodies. They clean up the bar and then agree to drive to the woods.

Murphy goes to her parents to get shovels and bumps into her mom. They talk but they end up getting away to go the woods. Sterling tries to talk to Jess but she doesn't want to listen.

Felix doesn't want to bury Ben. Because of Chelsea. He wants to take him to a hospital.

They dig a hole. Some of them bicker. Murphy and Max have sex when the others trade shifts.

They bury Nia and Ben. Felix is mad about it. Sterling and Jess say goodbye and Sterling says that she'll take care of Sam and Vincent.

Vincent tells Sam about Nia. She wants revenge. When Dean goes looking for his money and Nia she tells him what happened. She kills Vincent for not saving Nia..

The gang are prepared to leave town but stop at Murphy's house for Pretzel. Josiah is there and wants his drugs or else.

In The Dark
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In The Dark Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Jess: How do you know about Nia?
Sterling: I was working for her. Keeping tabs on things. That's why I ran away with you. Jess, what we have is real.

Sterling: Hey, I love you.
Jess: I love you, too.