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Max is wearing a wire. He tries to get Murphy to admit that she is working with Nia and mention any future plans. He isn't doing a good job and starts to tip her odd with his weird questioning. She implies she's moving drugs to Josiah, but then she calls Max out, finds the wire, and says something about Dean.

She heads to Guiding Hope and Dean has Gene stakeout Guiding Hope waiting for them to move the drugs. Max tracks Murphy down there and sees Gene out there. She warns Murphy and Felix.

Dean takes the recording to his captain, but it isn't enough. His captain kicks him off the case and fires him. Dean tells Gene who swears to catch them for Dean.

Felix hacks the computer to loop video so they can take the drugs after telling Josiab they're moving up the exchange to tonight. Max helps then move the drugs and a high Ben comes out and sees everyone.

Gene follows them in the van thinking they're moving the drugs. He pulls them over and busts their tail light so he can check the van. Nothing is there. They gave Ben the drugs to transport.

Ben calls to blackmail them for more money and won't tell then where he hid the drugs until they give it to him.

Dean goes to Nia. He shares information that the Feds are onto her and then that Murphy betrayed her. Nia says she'll kill Murphy and Dean also gives her the OK to kill Gene too.

They find Ben dead at the bar. He overdosed while waiting for them to come. They don't know where the drugs are and Nia's henchman is onto them. Nia comes in to confront Murphy. She has Felix and Max chained up in the basement and beats up Murphy.

Trey tells Josiah that he thinks Murphy screwed them over.

In The Dark
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In The Dark Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Gene: What if I don't see them doing anything illegal? How can I just pull them over?
Dean: Make something up. Broken taillight. They ran a stop sign. Just go! 

Max: Were you working or ..
Murphy:  Um, no.
Max: Murph, it's fine. I didn't expect you to stop hooking up with random guys.
Murphy: I'm going to go take a shower.