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Flash to Felix standing over Ben's dead body and giving Murphy directions. He seems darker than ever.

Murphy is having drinks with Jess. When she goes to the bathroom,.Max meets her in there after being missing for months. He tells her to meet him at a motel. She goes and they have sex.

Darnell meets up with Nia and tells her about Dean. He also wants out. She tells him that she can't take another cop out since she already took Jules out. She also tells him he has to kill Max to leave.

Darnell tracks Max down at the hotel thanks to Murphy. He considers killing him but can't. They talk about Murphy and how Max can't leave because he's in love. Darnell warns him he needs to leave.

Dean has a new partner Gene who is diligent and stays ontop .of it. He manages to track all sorts of things down and find leads.

Dean goes to talk to Murphy after finding out that Max is back in town. He missed her and Jess kicks him out. He tracks Max down at a hotel but missed him.

Jess tells Murphy that she has to let Max go so he can be safe. Murphy breaks up with Max for his own good.

Felix tries to figure out how to launder money. They have to come up with a way to hide the money. When Joy notices a discrepancy, Felix tells the others that he has to fired Joy and Hank for their own protection. They're devastated.

They decide to use Max's old truck as a grooming truck and they hire new people..

In The Dark
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