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Josh calls while felix and Murphy try to clean up Ben's crime scene.

Murphy gets another call about a dropoff but she tells Felix to do it because she's meeting with Josh to try to obtain more information about his investigation into Nia.

Felix tries to go to the drop, but Chelsea comes because he canceled their date.

Dean and Gene realize that the grocery store truck is tied into deliveries. The same place Felix is headed to.

Sam is jealous of Jess and tells Sterling to stop seeing her. She approaches Nia and tells her that they need to move the money elsewhere. She brings in Jess..when the find out that she doesn't know about the drugs being stashed at Guiding Hope, they determine she must not be trustworthy and needs to be killed.

When they're about to kill her, Trey comes in and shoots Nia. Jess wants to run but Nia begs her to help. Jess saves Nia. She takes her back to Guiding Hope and uses the drugs on her to stabilize her. Sam thanks her.

Murphy tries to get information about Nia from Josh. She helps him organize his files.

Chloe calls and needs Murphy to come get her from a party. She and Josh take her home and Dean angrily confronts Dean about corrupting his daughter. She mentions something about killing someone and Chloe overheard.

Felix almost gets caught at the drop. Dean and Gene bust the transport at the grocery store. Max is blackmailed in prison.

In The Dark
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In The Dark Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

I don't know how we're supposed to trust her if her own friends don't even trust her?


Sam: Just find another front.
Nia: I'm not going to find another front just because your girlfriend is sleeping with this chick.