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  • Murphy tells Felix about the deal she made with Nia and the drugs at Guiding Hope.
  • They don't want to tell Jess the truth because she is too close to Sterling and on the verge of breaking.
  • Jess notices that Murphy and Felix are spending too much time closed off places together, and she feels left out and excluded.
  • Murphy and Felix get a call to make a drop off and have to deliver heroin to a new location.
  • They bring too much and get chewed out by someone. But they don't want to bring the drugs back into Guiding Hope during business hours, so they leave them in the grooming truck.
  • Chloe keeps texting and reaching out to Murphy and Dean tells her to stop. When Dean gets a call from the school that Chloe skipped school, he goes to Guiding HOpe to confront Murphy thinking that she's there.
  • When he leaves, he scratches off some of the paint on the grooming truck, figures out that it's Max's and has the cops come tow it away to look for more infromation for his Nia case.
  • Murphy and Felix figure out a way to get into the tow place to get the drugs out of the car before the cops find them.
  • Dean and Gene catch them in the truck and search them, but they hide the drugs on Pretzel.
  • Jess breaks down after a dog disappears and she has to find him. Sterling comforts her.
  • Darnell tries to get more information about the new stash house, but Nia won't tell him anything. He finds out that she removed all her product, so now Josiah wants more action.
  • Darnell also figures out Murphy is working for Nia. They talk about what they're doing and he tells her about his plans.
  • Murphy helps Josh figure out apps and such for his phone. He figures them out himself, and she overhears that he's on the NIa case.
  • Max gets a phone and drugs to sell in prison for Nia.
  • Sterling meets up with Sam. They're both working for Nia.
In The Dark
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In The Dark Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Murphy: Your little plan isn't going to work.
Felix: What, Murphy what are you talking about?
Murphy: We're not just laundering some money.

Felix: I cannot believe Ben did this to us.
Murphy: I can.