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  • Murphy has house arrest at Lesley's house. Lesley is concerned that  something may  happen and they'll be on the hook.
  • Paula thinks Murphy betrayed her and calls her to lay down threats if the book and drugs aren't there. Murphy searches her bag and finds the book in her bag with the drugs and panics.
  • Lesley and Max tell each other that they love one another. 
  • Murphy tells Felix about the drugs. He promises to take the book back to the libary so that it's there when Paula's men show up to avoid some trouble.
  • Gene talks to a kid about who is selling the latest drug but they don't know who is the person behind it.
  • Josh shows up at Lesley's house to confront Murphy because he knows that she had an audiobook and something is in it. He searches the place but doesn't find it. 
  • Max tells Lesley that Felix left and she finds Felix at the bus station. She takes him to the libary but it's already closed. 
  • Murphy thinks that something is wrong with Pretzel and asks Max to get him different food but he refuses because she's lied so much that he no longer trusts her about anything.
  • Felix breaks into the libary to return the book. He sees someone there but gets sick while in there. Josh shows up so Lsley has to go inside to warn him.
  • Josh tries to break down the door and Felix tries to hide the drugs. 
  • They flush them when Josh finally gets in and he roughs up Felix and leaves him bleeding. 
  • Gene and Sarah show up at a lead's houuse and he's shot right in front of them. 
  • Murphy and Max apologize and bond again. 
  • Paula's men show up and see Felix with the audiobook and kidnap him when he doesn't have the drugs inside. Lesley can't stop them..
  • Lesley calls to get a lead on things from her end. 
  • Murphy tells Max to leave and he does but comes back because he doesn't want anything to happen to her. 
  • Josh comes back to the station talking about Murphy and Gene sends him packing for good. 
  • Gene finds out that Lesley called the police looking for Felix. 
  • Cops stop the car with Felix and the man who kidnapped him and they shoot the cop. 
  • Murphy and Max sleep together. 
  • Lesley meets up with Paula and offers to be her attorney in exchange for protecting Felix just as Paula's men show up at the house with Felix.
  • They let Felix go and Lesley reunites with Felix. When he's in the bathroom he sees that he still has a pill in his pocket but doesn't flush it. 
  • When Lesley hugs Murphy, Felix sees that Murphy's shirt is inside out and knows that Murphy and Max must've slept together. 
  • Gene and Sarah find the car that Lesley reported to the police and it's where the dead cop is. They suspect that everything does in fact lead back to Murphy and that Josh was right and that Murphy must have been dealing from jail or something.
In The Dark
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In The Dark Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Lesley: Why do you look so pale?
Felix: It's just my face.

Murphy: If Felix were here, he'd believe me.
Max: Because he's your little bitch.
Murphy: You're one the talk. I'm sure Lesley didn't tell you to babysit me or anything.