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  • Darnell is having flashbacks and hallucinations of Tyson.
  • He goes to see Tyson's mother and apologize for not being around more.
  • The cops are still dealing with dead sororoity girls and Josh proposes that they look into the prison drug pipeline.
  • Paula is still trying to get drugs dealt in prison and dealing with her CO contacts.
  • Felix goes tos ee Murphy but Murphy won't come out of her cell and Felix sees Sam there and goes off.
  • He comes up with a plan to steal from rich people to get Murphy out of there. And Lesley and Max are in tow.
  • They steal a car.
  • Sam shanks Murphy in prison and Josh is able to see it when he's watching footage to find a lead. He goes down to the prison to tell them to do their jobs.
  • Paula approaches Murphy in hopes that she can assist with her drug dealing.
  • Felix breaks into a house and tries to steal things but ends up knowing the person there.
  • Murphy hopes that she can get a walking cane to help transport drugs but only gets a regular one. Josh notices is and determines that she is trying to transport drugs.
  • Gene doesn't want to hear it and sends him home.
  • Felix and the occupant of the house get high and he tells her things. She tells him how to steal from her uncle in a better way.
  • She gives Felix the money and notes that whoever he's doing it for must mean a lot to him.
  • Felix gets the money from Jimmy McKays house.
  • Darnell reads through Sarah's case files.
  • Murphy figures out how to smuggle in the drugs using audiobooks.
  • Felix heads to the court house and gets her out on bail.
  • Murphy freaks out when she realizes that the audio book never showed up. She wants them to tell Paula that it never arrived.
  • The audio book got placed in her belongingsso now she has Paula's drugs.
In The Dark
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In The Dark Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

You weren't joking about needing protection, huh? Well, you might be able to do something for me.


I'm losing my sight. I haven't lost it.