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From last episode, Issa and Lawrence bump into each other at a 7-11. Lawrence talks with Chad at a bar later, revealing that all he has been doing is having sex and going to work.

Issa is continuing to see Nathan, and she's in a happy relationship with him but not far along enough to call it anything. During a meeting with the girls, Issa calls him "her man."

Issa is trying to throw a block party as an independent project but has trouble due to permits. Nathan supports her in her endeavors.

The girls prepare for Tiffany's baby shower. Issa and Kelli recommend that Molly goes out with Andrew, the Asian man that they met at Coachella. Molly is hesitant.

At the baby shower, Issa bumps into Lawrence and Molly bumps into Dro. Issa and Lawrence strike up a good conversation with each other, while Molly tries to confront Dro but is turned away after Dro tells her that she rejected him.

Kelli begins to get jealous that she wasn't on the planning committee for Tiffany's baby shower, even though Kelli is her best friend. Tiffany confronts her and says that Kelli didn't even offer to throw one and tells them off for being bad friends.

Kelli is upset and leaves. Candice appears at the party and Molly is shaken. Tiffany reveals that Dro and Candice are going to have a baby, and Molly is speechless and emotional.

Issa and Lawrence each individually reveal that they are happy where they are with each other, Issa having gotten over Lawrence and Lawrence is glad that Issa is happy.

Nathan still hasn't texted Issa in a while, which makes her worried. Molly decides to text Andrew.

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Insecure Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

The point is, you are single. You are VERY single. You are so single that a tumbleweed just rolled out of your pussy.


I don't know what you just said, but do you know who does? God.