A Weekend To Celebrate - Insecure
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Issa recovers from quitting We Got Y'all by driving with Lyft. Molly continues to struggle at work but wants to prove her worth by taking on a brief.

Molly, Issa, Tiffany, and Kelli prepare for a girls' weekend at Coachella. Molly wants to skip because of the brief but Issa convinces her to go. They all drive up and Kelli takes an edible.

Molly eventually arrives and works on her brief. Issa gets all the girls into a party, where she meets Nathan. They all take molly along with a couple of Nathan's friends.

Later, they all go to the festival grounds. Issa and Nathan join together and leave to go on the ferris wheel. Molly suffers the most from taking molly and gets dizzy. 

Kelli gets defensive and gets into a fight with a white couple, resulting in her getting tazed and kicked out before they can see Beyoncé.

Issa and Nathan have sex on the ferris wheel after it stops mid-air. Molly almost passes out.

Issa must deal with an upset Tiffany, who ate weed, along with Kelli and Molly back at the Airbnb.

Back in LA, Issa drives back and visits a 7-Eleven, where she sees Lawrence again for the first time.

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Insecure Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Okay. Don’t be mad. I thought we going straight to Coachella when we got here, so I took a edible.


I finally learned the choreography to "Formation"! Can I move this chair?