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Daniel Molly receives a letter from Louis De Pointe Du Lac asking him to meet at a place of his choosing. He also includes tapes of their initial interview 49 years earlier.

Daniel travels to the Emirates and meets with Louis, who wants to tell him his story again.

He begins his story in 1910, where he owes a series of brothels as the executor of his family's estate. His brother Paul stands outside the brothels appealing to the woman to seek God, and one night he and Louis get into a fight witnessed by Lestat de Lioncourt.

Louis meets Lestat at a rival brothel when Lestat is chatting with Louis's usual conquest. Louis becomes upset by Lestat's brazen behavior toward Lily but becomes immobilized when Lestat speaks with him.

Later that night, a man is attacked while extinguishing the street lights.

Louis and Lestat meet again during a poker game, where Lestat stops the world around him to speak directly to Louis, even helping him win the card game. This leads to the two becoming friends.

Lestat joins the Du Lac's for dinner and compels Paul while talking about his disdain for God, causing Louis to become upset. Later that evening, they travel to Lestat's, where Lily is waiting. The two engage in a threesome, and Lestat puts Lily to sleep before biting Louis. He doesn't drain Louis enough to kill him, and the intimacy of the act scares Louis off.

Louis's sister, Grace, gets married. And that evening, he and Paul travel to the roof to watch the sunset. Paul tells Louis that Lestat is the devil before walking off the roof and killing himself.

Louis's mother blames him for Paul's death. And at the funeral, he is approached by Lestat, and the two argue.

A drunk Louis goes to the church for confession, and Lestat sets fire inside before killing two priests. He appeals to Louis and tells him that he can swap his life for another. Louis agrees, and he is then turned into a vampire.

Interview with the Vampire
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Interview with the Vampire Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Lestat: I had plans to make a new life for myself in St. Louis. That was to be my destiny. And now I know I was right, only it turns out the saint is not a city but a handsome man with the most agreeable disposition.
Lily: You're his destiny, Louis.
Lestat: Destined to be very good friends.

Louis: You've grown old, Daniel.
Daniel: Yeah, well, mortality beats a heavy drum.