Bajie and M.K. Have a Plan - Into the Badlands
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Sunny is in a trance from Cyan's attack, and dreams of a life with Veil and Henry, but is plagued by a mysterious figure in the woods.

M.K. and Bajie are at a loss as to how to help him. M.K. shows Bajie the bruises on Sunny's chest, and Bajie knows he was attacked with the "Hand of the 5 Poisons" technique.

Sunny's hallucinations continue, where he talks with Henry about being a fighter. Sunny and Henry finds all the pigs, lined up dead in the barn, with cross like wounds on them.

Bajie and M.K. argue about whether or not to save Sunny.

Bajie agrees to take Sunny to the monastery to try and find a cure.

Back in Sunny's dream, he finds Henry hurt himself playing with the Silver Moon sword. Henry claims the girl named Artemis gave him the sword.

Bajie and M.K. talk about their pasts. Bajie tells M.K. about a young girl novice named Flea who went dark and killed many people, which caused him to use his gift to save her life.

The Widow and Quinn attack Jade's camp, causing all her cogs and clippers to run away or pledge allegiance to The Widow.

Sunny finds clipper tattoo like wounds on Henry. Henry tells him they were inflicted by Artemis.

Artemis attacks Sunny in his dream.

The Widow and Quinn capture Jade.

Bajie and M.K. find their way into the monastery, in search of a scroll to save Sunny's life.

Quinn and Jade discuss their issues. Quinn tells The Widow he will banish Jade to the border to fend for herself.

Bajie and M.K. find a scroll and some needles to help Sunny, but are stopped by the Master and the abbots before they can escape.

Bajie instructs M.K. to cut the novices, which will cause them to attack the abbots. It works, and they escape.

Sunny finds Veil dead, and is told by Henry that he killed his mother. Artemis confronts Sunny, telling him his legacy is death and murder, revealing that he killed her in his past.

Sunny is confronted with all the people he's killed, and engages in a battle with his demons.

Bajie stabs Sunny with needles in the 5 poison points, and saves Sunny's life.

As Sunny, Bajie, and M.K. prepare to leave, Bajie tells M.K. about his search for Flea. Once left alone, Bajie looks at Sunny's compass, which he secretly stole from the monastery without telling M.K..




Into the Badlands
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Into the Badlands Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

M.K.: You're just angry because you know this is the right thing to do.
Bajie: Every time I try to do the right thing, I end up tits deep in shit. And I do NOT like having shitty tits.

M.K.: I couldn't find any wounds. There are some weird markings on his chest.
Bajie: His chest? Oh, shit.
M.K.: What?
Bajie: The bruises. Cyan must have attacked him with the 5 poisons.
M.K.: The what?
Bajie: The 5 poisons-The Hand of the 5 Poisons. That's one of the abbot's deadliest techniques. What are they teaching you?
M.K.: So, what can we do?
Bajie: Nothing. There's nothing we can do. Look: this one's already affecting his brain. Liver, kidney, lungs are next, then the heart. He'll be lucky if he lasts the day.