Sunny Fights The Abbots
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Lydia is still alive after the booby trap explosion at West Avalon, but is taken by Quinn.

Sunny, Bajie, Portia, and Amelia find a healer named Doc Cloud. He has a room full of people in gas masks, huffing opium.

Veil and Henry are on the run from Quinn's men, but before they are caught one of The Widow's minions rescues them.

Quinn and Lydia argue, but they end up kissing.

Doc Cloud patches up Portia, and offers Sunny and the gang whatever they need.

Odessa and Tilda argue about the possible alliance between The Widow and Quinn.

Tilda tells Odessa about how she was repeatedly raped by The Widow's husband, and how The Widow saved her by killing her husband.

Odessa agrees to stay, and kisses Tilda.

Veil and Henry are delivered to The Widow's compound.

M.K. is almost killed for stealing, but is saved by Eva. They run away from the Abbots.

The Widow asks Veil to translate the mysterious book M.K. stole.

M.K. tells Eva he no longer has "the gift."

Bajie sees the Abbots, and tells Sunny they need to escape.

The Abbots have a machine to detect "the gift," and search for who they think is M.K..

Sunny asks for Bajie's help with the Abbots, but he refuses.

Quinn and The Widow meet to discuss an alliance.

Quinn demands The Widow give up Veil and Henry or he won't agree.

The Master and the other abbots find M.K. and Eva at an abandoned hotel. 

Sunny and Bajie also show up, and a huge fight ensues.

Eva and the Abbots go dark for a fight to the death.

Eva dies,but not before she kills the Master.

Bajie reveals he was once an Abbot, and fights to save Sunny.

The Widow turns Veil and Henry over to Quinn.

Sunny collapses from the punch inflicted by Cyan before his death.





Into the Badlands
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Into the Badlands Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Sunny: You were one of them?
Bajie: In another life.

It's time for you and Henry to come home.

Quinn [to Veil]