It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10 Episode 3 Review: Psycho Pete Returns

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On It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10 Episode 3, the infamous "Psycho Pete" – yup, the one that allegedly killed and ate his entire family (as we found out on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 7 Episode 12) – surprised The Gang at the bar.

As we found out, he was merely seeking some camaraderie, but I think it's safe to say that our Gang lost their cool.

Also, is it just me, or does Cricket look a little different?

First off, as always, seeing good ol' Father Rickety Cricket, still hustling his way through the incredibly unfortunate series of events he calls his life, was a delight. I mean for Christ's sake, he went from being the most prim and proper priest to ever exist to facilitating bathroom stall confessions for a six-pack of beer (with the implication that there's room for negations on the payment, as well as the service). 

His recent obsession with a particular service he's had to provide on the streets in order survive (or at least buy more beer) was extremely telling. He seemed to want to degrade himself a bit too much, huh? Looking like Harvey Dent's twin, due to a party the Gang doesn't even remember inviting him to, seems to have done yet another number on the poor soul.

Could we, like, not talk about sucking penises? Or getting raped in the butt?


Cricket was enlisted by Mac and Charlie, geniuses that they are, to help absolve Pete of all his past sins – so that he can go crazy again. Because that's how religion works, right? Commit sin, absolve sin, rinse & repeat. 

Or, at least, that's what Mac's (very positive, might I add) assessment of his religion is. It's a way to keep doing the horrible things you love, and it's simply perfect!

The episode actually had a few pretty pointed attacks at taxes and religion – but always a vehicle to help the joke get to the punch-line, rather than any sort of piercing commentary. But that's how it should be. 

When the trio was running low on solutions for turning Boring Pete Psycho again, and about to possibly "rush him from the back" (as Charlie suggests) to exorcize him – I was really expecting it to happen. 

Also, Charlie's absolutely random non-sequitur about demons, goblins, and ghouls when Mac and Cricket were discussing exorcizing Pete, had me in tears. It was absolutely classic Charlie ADHD. 

Get the demon and the goblin out and we got Pete!


Another scene that had me in stitches, was Frank's realization that he was indeed "Froggy" the frog-kid. Not only were the flashbacks fantastic and exceptionally well done (I was laughing at the style they were filmed/edited in more than anything at times), when he realized that there was no "Froggy," and they showed a young Frank pouring a ladle of water on himself instead of "Froggy," I nearly did a spit-take. 

It made sense that Frank was repressing memories of being in that institute as a kid – he's been quite the character in his adult years. But hey, maybe it's the institution that made the man, not the other way around. I don't know what I'm saying – maybe I should check myself in.

Do you have some sort of donkey-brain database?


Frank was off in his own lucid nightmare (involving mental asylums, frog-kids, and giant nets) for most of the episode. His fantastical stories led Dee to asking the hilarious question that was in the back of all of our minds:

Did you grow up in a cartoon?


Dee and Dennis also rounded out the half-hour by delivering nonstop gold. From the former's devolving acting skills that came equipped with like 15 different accents in order to convince the Doctor that she's schizophrenic, to the latter's absolutely hysterical tirade against his sister (including threats of luggage and lampshades fashioned with human-skin), the duo took absurdity to yet another new level. 

Dennis, specifically, took it far enough to get the prescription he wanted simply off the fact that he's probably a "real life psychopath."

If you say another word, I swear to god I will slice you into a million little pieces, and put those pieces in a box, a glass box, that I will display on my mantle.


Of course Pete was just a poor guy with social anxiety issues, and probably developed depression after the years of Mac, Charlie, and the rest coming up with the most ridiculous rumors about him (he did like yelling in a baby's face, didn't you know??). And, of course The Gang puts him on a way train to LA. No one ever get's depressed there!

Watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia online to re-watch yet another classic installment in this crazy consistent series. Consisting of endless tiny pockets of laughter as well as the usual laugh out loud gags, tonight's half-hour was the third week in a row that Sunny decided to kill it. 

Although, I have no idea what the hell that ending was. A future version of them? A coincidence? Just a random joke? Wha---? 

Check out It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia quotes to refresh yourself on other great moments from tonight's episode, and let me know what in the world was going with that ending down below.

Psycho Pete Returns Review

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10 Episode 3 Quotes

If you say another word, I swear to god I will slice you into a million little pieces, and put those pieces in a box, a glass box, that I will display on my mantle.


It’s really sad, but once your brain’s a piece of shit, it’s always a piece of shit