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Liv and Lowell wake up together after a night of passion together. 

On the way to work, Liv listens to a radio show about relationship advice. After someone calls in threatening to kill their husband's mistress, the host, Sasha, ends up dead via electrocution. 

At the precinct, Ravi waits for Major to get out on bail. Peyton shows up to spring Major, and Ravi is immediately smitten. Major, on the other hand, is bruised and battered when he finally comes out. 

Ravi tells him that the bodies of some lost teens were found in the backyard of the murderous couple from the previous episode, effectively ending their missing person's cases. 

At the morgue, Ravi finds his zombie tests rats slaughtered by the one zombie rat. 

After finding out about Major's most recent run in, Karin breaks up with him.

Lieutenant Zombie threatens to expose Blaine after being forced to move the runaway kids' bodies, but Blaine refuses to take him seriously. 

Ravi asks Liv to set him up with Peyton, but she resists helping out and shrinks him instead. 

Major tells Liv about the brains he found in Julien's car, and she tries to throw him off the scent. He pretends to drop the case.

Liv and Clive figure out that Sasha's assistant was a fake caller who Sasha had been sleeping with. They realize after the fact that her partner Jane was framing the assistant. 

Ravi asks Peyton out, and Liv encourages her to accept. But at the morgue, the zombie rat bites Ravi. 

Major buys a gun, and Liv commits to Lowell. When she sees Blaine arrive with new brains, she realizes that Lowell is on his client list. 

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