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Liv escapes a run in with Blaine, but a vision from Jerome's brains confirms that he's killing kidnapped teens.

She and Ravi realize that the police are in on the zombie conspiracy, and Liv decides to confront Lowell about his connection to Blaine.

During a friendly game of paintball a retired sniper ends up dead. 

Liv and Clive investigate the ex-wife and her new husband, who were involved in a custody battle with the victim. 

At the morgue, Ravi grills Liv on what her zombie transition felt like, worried for his own future. They debate Lowell's brain tactics, and Ravi seems to be on Lowell's side of things.

Major goes to the local gym to try to find people selling brains as a steroids. Julien overhears his inquiries and goes after him.

Lowell gives Liv a tearful apology, and she forgives him. After he explains how Blaine's service works, she resolves to kill Blaine. 

Blaine plans to meet with Mr. Kaiser, a wealthy zombie he's turned. He demands better brains -- the brains of an astronaut -- and Blaine realizes he can expand his business model. 

Thanks to drone technology, Liv realizes that the step-father had the means to kill Everett without even being near the crime scene.

Lowell lures Blaine to his apartment, and Liv puts him in the crosshairs, but she cannot shoot. 

Julien visits Major and interrogates him about brains, but Major shoots him in the chest. Julien gets right back up, so Major shoots him again. He calls Babineaux to help with the body, but Julien has disappeared. 

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