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At the lake, Sebastian crawls out of the water as a zombie. He staggers onto the road, where a car full of teenagers run him down.

They bury the body, but Sebastian surges to life, kills the cheerleader Kimber, and eats her brains. Weeks later, a jogger finds her body in the woods.

Ravi and Liv debate how to set Major off of Blaine's trail. When they check on the cured zombie rat, they find her dead. 

Meanwhile, Liv starts experiencing teenager-symptoms from Kimber's brain when she interrogates her best friend.

The interrogation leads them to a band rehearsal with the teenagers who were with Kimber the night she died. Liv has a vision proving Kimber was in the car with the teens. 

Major poses as a health inspector at Meat Cute, but Blaine suspects him right away. 

When she and Clive go to interview the kids again, they find another teen, Nate, dead. His friend, Cameron becomes their main suspect.

Kimber's brains help Liv reconnect with Peyton on a friend level, but when she eats Nate's brains their connection fades away.

Ravi asks Major about taking Peyton away for the weekend to San Francisco.

Major buys more guns, planning to take out the zombies at Meat Cute.

Theresa, the last band member, shows up at the precinct asking for help. She thinks she'll be next to be killed. She gets a text from Cameron and decides to leave.

Liv realizes she turned Sebastian into a zombie, but when she gets home, Sebastian has attacked Peyton. They fight, and Liv kills him, but Peyton sees her in full-on zombie mode. She explains what she is, and Peyton runs away.

At a motel, Theresa shows up to meet Cameron, but she gets attacked.

Julien reveals Major, who is tied up in the back of Meat Cute, to be their brain thief to Blaine just as Evan walks in to deliver his job application. 


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iZombie Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

We can never tell anyone about this. Not your therapist, not your priest, and not your future NA sponsor.


I'm not going to prison. Have you seen Orange is the New Black? I'm not taking a shower wearing tampon sandals!