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Julien discovers that Major is investigating the missing kids from his shelter, and Blaine interrogates him about the astronaut brains.

Theresa winds up in the morgue, killed by an unknown assailant. Clive doesn't buy that all of the kids' murders were committed by the same person, so Liv eats Theresa's brains to solve the case.

Ravi cures another zombie rat, and Liv is desperate to take the antidote.

Liv has a vision of Theresa finding the thumb drive with the Max Rager memo that proves their guilty of creating tainted product. She realizes that the kids must have been blackmailing the company, which is how they ended up dead.

The CEO of Max Rager hires a new scientist after finding out that their drink has ties to zombies. He wants to find a way to replicate the process without the cravings for brains or other zombie side effects.

Elsewhere, Liv and Clive find security footage of Cam after Theresa death. He looks directly into the camera and begs them for help. Later, they find his phone at an impound, and they realize he tried to fake his own death and blame it on Max Rager.

Cam exchange the thumb drive for cash, but his car explodes minutes later.

The police pick him up trying to cross the Canadian border, and he admits everything, even killing Theresa for the money.

Blaine discovers Major's connection to Liv, and he offers to exchange him for his astronaut brains. When they meet, Blaine gives her a random stranger instead.

Major escapes, goes back to his car for weapons, and returns to Meat Cute to slaughter every zombie inside. He kills them all, but Blaine stabs him before he can escape again.

Liv shows up and shoots Blaine, demanding to know where Major is. Blaine reveals to Major what Liv is, and Liv injects him with the cure Ravi made. Blaine slowly starts turning human again. 

As Major lays dying, Liv decides to scratch him to turn him into a zombie to keep him alive.

When he wakes up, he's furious with Liv for lying to him and for turning him against his will.

Suzuki blows up Meat Cute with himself inside to hid the evidence of zombies, but Evan gets caught in the blast as he shows up for his first day of work.

Max Rager's secrets are exposed to the press, but the CEO resolves to keep testing. 

Live uses the last of the antidote on Major, and she gets a call that Evan is in the hospital. They ask her to donate blood, but she refuses. 

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iZombie Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Major: Why are you doing this?
Blaine: Daddy issues. Megalomania. Greed. Wow, that felt really good to get off my chest.

Turning you back to your old self is the primary objective, but it is vital that we're able to do the same with all the other zombies we believe are out there.