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Major visits Ravi to get stitched up from his fight, but Liv walks in.

At a crime scene, Liv, Ravi, and Babineaux find a computer hacker dead on his stairs named Sim Reaper. 

Jackie accidentally eats her brain delivery boy, and she calls Blaine for help. When she rethinks asking him for help, Blaine gets suspicious. 

Ravi cannot find any cause of death for the hacker, so Liv has to eat his brains. They discover that he was one of the most hated hackers on the internet, and Babineaux found hundreds of death threats in his mail. 

Liv discovers peanut powder in a confetti birthday card, and they realize that the hacker was poisoned via peanut allergy.

Liv prepares for her date with Lowell, but she is hit with an extreme case of agoraphobia thanks to her hacker brains.

At the morgue, Ravi does an autopsy on one of the missing foster kids. He finds gourmet food in the stomach, a meal worth well over $500, which sets off alarms for Babineaux.

Ravi drops off the Sim Reaper's laptop, and Liv finds his online role playing game a snap. 

Other players reveal that one of Sim Reaper's rivals in the game claimed to have killed him over his latest win. Ravi confirms that in a game like this, that kind of defeat could have cost someone thousands of dollars. He logs on to his account to help her inside the game.

Major finds footage of the skate park, and he starts looking for the Candyman.

Inside the game, Liv finds out that Sim Reaper's rival, Full Auto, is actually a kid, who lives in New York City.

Lowell drops by to give Liv some anti-anxiety meds to help with her agoraphobia, and they have a drink.

During his search, Major pops a stitch and pland to go over to Liv's to have her fix it. Ravi has to tell him that Lowell is with her, so he shouldn't drop by.

Liv and Lowell get to know each other, including how they get their brains. He reveals that he can't play his music live anymore because the adrenaline rush triggers his zombie instincts. He tries to kiss her, but she pulls away.

Babineaux visits Meat Cute, where Blaine tries to lure him into the back. Liv interrupts with a phone call, saving him.

On Sim Reaper's laptop, Liv finds out that a bad Yelp! review let his enemies know where he lived, leaving him open to attacks.

Blaine visits Jackie and "kills" her as punishment for leading Babineaux to him. 

Liv has another vision about Sim Reaper's death, revealing the killer to be the brother of one of Sim Reaper's victims. A girl who ended up killing herself because of his attacks. 

Liv visits Lowell and kisses him.

Major finds a picture of the Candyman, which he sends to Ravi. The picture has Blaine in it.

Liv's mother stops by Meat Cute and inquires about a job for Evan. Blaine gives her an application. 

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