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Liv and Peyton talk about Fillmore Graves. Liv asks Peyton not to tell Major and Ravi what she's doing. Peyton asks if she can be part of it. 

Peyton strikes a deal with a con to get money to help Liv. 

They find the body of a knight. They figure out that he is a LARPer. 

Clive and Liv head to meet the victim's friends and other LARper.  They claim that their friend Garrett left when the wall went up because he and their other friend Magnus were zombies and he didn't feel like they should be interacting anymore. Liv and Clive tell them that Garrett was human. 

Angus and his disciples have dinner at Blaine's restaurant. Angus asks Blaine for more brains. 

Liv gets a call from someone looking for a coyote because hers has disappeared hours ago. 

Major parties at The Scratching Post with Roach equipped with a fake southern accent. He mentions that Roach is paying for him all of the time because he can't afford it, and he's trying to figure out where Roach gets all of his money.

Liv and Clive go to a role-playing event to meet Magnus, but Liv sees Major there with Roach.

Magnus tells them that Garrett pretended to be a zombie because the zombie LARPers used real swords. 

Bozzio and Clive are on the outs after talking about their relationship. She's seeing someone now, and he is having a tough time dealing with it. 

Blaine and Don E are looking for a new henchman. Mr. Boss is smuggled into their restaurant. He's looking for his money launderer who has some of his money. Casper is the person who Peyton met in prison. 

Boss wants Blaine's help, and Blaine figures out that he can use Angus' flock to bust Casper out of the transport bus. 

Roach asks Major about his talking to Liv (the cops). He denies knowing her. They agree to meet up for something less than legal later. 

Liv scratches the new people smuggled in, but one of them is missing. The new coyote hasn't shown up yet. 

Russ and his friends show up to the shipping yard with hatchets. Russ and the boys bust up some zombies and steal their brain rations. 

The zombie group was role-playing and one fo them was the one who stabbed Garrett. They didn't know he was human. 

Angus' flock attacks the bus and eats most of the prisoners. They bring Mr. Boss Casper. He tells them where the money is, but Mr. Boss has Blaine eat Casper's brain anyway just to make sure. 

The wife of Kevin the man who killed Garrett is human and was sleeping with Garrett because she couldn't sleep with her husband anymore. 

Blaine and Mr. Boss head to the locker but it's empty. 

Peyton got to the money first and presents it to the underground operation. Their other member returns with a young girl Isabel. They had a few hiccups along the way. Liv tries to turn her, but the scratch doesn't work on her. 


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iZombie Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Not to be that guy, but it is a lunch hour.


Liv: Speaking of Major, I would appreciate it if you didn't tell him or Ravi about ...
Peyton: Human smuggling?