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Isobel is staying with Peyton and Liv. They tell her that they're trying to get her back to Idaho. 

Blaine wants Don E to eat a specific brain. 

The french guy from Fillmore Graves bring Ravi and Liv a zombie and her human boyfriend despite them having their hands full. 

Weston, the human victim's brother who was also his rap duo partner is interviewed by Clive and Liv dressed up like a rapper. She and Ravi have a rap off in the M.E's office. 

Liv has a vision of Caine, the zombie killer and thinks he may have killed her victim. 

Caine has escaped so the city is on a lockdown and Liv and Clive can't leave the station. Vampire Steve and Jimmy the sketch bitch are excited and approach Clive for their D&D game. 

Blaine wants to turn the whole country zombie to help him profit off of the zombie cures. 

Blaine made Don E eat hacker brain to help him sell the cures without being traced.

Major tells Chase about Angus' church, but he didn't know about it. Someone is withholding information from him and he's angry about it.

Ravi, Clive and the others play their game. 

Major drops off the suitcase Ravi requested at the ME, his cadets are bickering behind him about their relationship. Liv makes a dig about. 

Liv and Major have it out and she tells them she's still pissed about his presence at Renegade's execution. 

Don E is goes through Peyton's emails. They try to determine what Ravi is because he ate brains but still had sex with Peyton.

Michelle crashes the D&D game and joins them. Major crashes too with Ravi's briefcase and is annoyed that he was left out because he's out looking for Caine.

Ravi catches Isobel chilling out in a morgue fridge. 

Clive and Michelle make out until they're interrupted by Vampire Steve. 

Major and his cadets go to The Scratching Post to pick up one of the drunk soldiers. It turns out he wasn't drunk. He was hit over the head and his ID with security clearance was stolen. Major orders Fillmore Gaves to be locked down.

Escaped convict Caine has Chase Graves at gunpoint. He blames Chase for turning his family into zombies and causing him to kill the. He shoots Chase in the kneecaps.

Major takes Caine down before he kills Chase.

Ravi figures out that Isobel has a death sentence with her syndrome. He wants Liv to scratch her but then offers to do it next time he's on his zombie cycle so Liv won't be put at risk. Liv tells him that she tried and had other zombies tried but Isobel is immune.

Ravi wants to study Isobel to see if she may be the key to the cure.

Blaine gives the Mayor a cure so that he can record it and prove to the people on the web that the cure is legit. The Mayor becomes a human again, and then Blaine shoots and kills him on air to prove that he's human. Peyton is acting mayor and she has to investigate his death. She shows Dale footage of the mayor's death. Blaine is getting offers in.

Isobel agrees to be tested on and also she and Peyton spill that Liv took over Mama Leone's operation. 

Chase makes Major scratch Caine so that he'll live long enough to be killed at the guillotine. 



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iZombie Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

I'mma text my posse. We was hitting a movie, and this Caine fool is making me miss it. I was 'bout to go ham on a large tub with extra butter.


Weston: S'up, Shorty. What is good?
Liv: On my grind, you know? Getting that shmoney.