iZombie Season 5 Episode 13 Review: All's Well That Ends Well

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It's the end of an era. 

We had to say goodbye to the lovable, quirky, witty zombie series, and iZombie Season 5 Episode 13 did its best to tie up the series in a bow.

The series finale settled on giving all of our heroes a happy ending.

Coming to a Head - Tall  - iZombie Season 5 Episode 13

If there was only one word to use to describe the series finale as a whole, it's quaint. In an age where series' cancellations happen all the time without a proper sendoff, one can only be grateful when a beloved series has the time to give fans a conclusion.

The majority of iZombie Season 5 has felt as though there was no real plan on how they wanted to end the series. It felt as though the season carried on as usual and then in the last hours remembered time was up, and it needed to come to an end.

Winner, Winner - Tall  - iZombie Season 5 Episode 8

Many of the crucial portions of the series have dragged on so long without them being fully-fleshed out that bringing it together after skimming over them felt empty.

We've heard about this cure for so long that I expected the payout to be bigger than it was. We never saw the effects of anyone of importance taking it onscreen.

Enzo: It seems your friend Major has escaped. Perhaps you would like the chance to beg for your life.
Hobbs: Perhaps you can kiss my --

We never saw how Seattle changed after the distribution of it. We barely saw Ravi creating it, let alone him mass producing it. For something the entire series hinged on for multiple seasons, it didn't have the grand impact one would expect.

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Overall, it's how the entire finale felt.

We didn't build up to anything spectacular. It came down to gunfight and a fakeout. For some reason, Dolly -- a generic villainess who could've been excluded -- was in the wind after killing her child.

Plotting a Zombie Terrorist Attack - Tall - iZombie Season 5 Episode 1

The takedown of Enzo was anti-climatic, and a painful reminder of how someone so cartoonish and one-dimensional should have never lasted this long.

Blaine's downfall was incredibly anti-climatic and lackluster.

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He tormented the gang for half a decade; his misdeeds are the most despicable of the series. He's a murderer (of actual children), a smuggler of people and drugs, and the list goes on.

He needed to meet his maker, but for such a grand character, one would expect an actual death in spectacular form. Don E of all people pushed him into his well.

Thinking Well - Tall  - iZombie Season 5 Episode 13

It was barely worth a reaction. Don E was the most likely person to pull off of a redemption arc, but he ended matters still up Blaine's ass when he had no reason to be.

Then Liv shoved him into the well too. It's a shame that two of the most notable characters, Blaine, in particular, didn't have an emotional death scene like at least three of Liv's ex-boyfriends who had shorter tenures and impact.

Peyton: Blaine smothered a girl with a pillow.
Don E: Well, we all have our hobbies.
Peyton: She was wearing a wedding dress. She was calling out your name.

While killing someone, Blaine included, would have been too much for the likes of Ravi, Major or Liv should have at least had the honor of it.

It also became evident early on that the gang would make it out of the hour alive. The end of iZombie Season 5 Episode 12 had Peyton and Major's lives on the line, and the threat was real.

The stakes were not high during this installment. Peyton was shot, and we already knew Blaine would scratch and turn her. Major would put his life at risk, but we knew someone (Ravi) would have a backup plan since Major being reckless is predictable.

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Peyton's brief stint as a zombie was amusing. She also got to be the hero sacrificing her life to save the zombie kids. It's the most Peyton has had to do in the entire series.

Mrs. Chakrabarti? - Tall  - iZombie Season 5 Episode 12

Major's storyline was the strongest of the hour. He was able to play an action hero, which has always been him in his element.

From his tactics to gain access to Max Rager to his public takedown of Enzo, to getting the kids to safety, he was on a roll.

How funny would it be if now I knocked you in?


Meanwhile, Clive had the happiest moment making it for the birth of his baby girl who he named after Liv. It's the cutest Babimoore thing to happen in the series.

Clive deserves nothing but happiness, so I'm thrilled he had a chill presence during the finale and the big ending of him and his wife both being captains at a San Francisco police department, made me smile.

Clive Clooney - Tall  - iZombie Season 5 Episode 12

The ten-year time-jump was strange. As with the others, it was never a doubt Liv survived the last explosion. Who was responsible for it anyway? Did Michelle die? If so, that was pretty damn crappy.

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Does that also mean Vampire Steve and Jimmy the sketch bitch are dead? Otherwise, I would wonder why they didn't make at least one appearance in the show's sendoff.

After years of wanting to have a cure, Liv gave it up again so she could settle down with Major and take care of zombie orphans. They became an instant family that never aged, so in a way, they're frozen in time.

In Limbo Again?  - iZombie Season 5 Episode 8

Why couldn't the children take the cure and go into the system or get adopted? Many of them were young teens; it wouldn't have been long before they were old enough to take care of themselves.

The world thinks Liv is dead, and she and Major have a beautiful house where they reside with their zombie children.

Hey Liv it's me. I'm about to do something, but if it works big if, it could save lives. Basically what I've been asking myself before any big decisions is what would Liv Moore do? Whatever happens, know this. It's always been you. I always loved you, and I always will. Take care of yourself. Bye.


We knew they would always be endgame, but it sucked how they spent the majority of the season shown zero romantic interest in each other when they did interact, and then a kiss in the penultimate episode that came out of nowhere put them back on the path of being each other's endgame.

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Pairing them up again was an afterthought.

It's unfortunate how the friends don't see each other often. They're in different parts of the country leading separate lives.

Closing Deals - Tall  - iZombie Season 5 Episode 8

Liv and Major have chosen to keep the zombie life, so they don't age, but they tease the others about scratching them if necessary.

Ravi is back at the CDC and running it. Who knows? Maybe Charlie works with him.

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Peyton is back to practicing law. I'm assuming they're married, but it's too bad we didn't get to see a wedding. The time jump means we missed out on a lot of things.

It was a cheat move fast-forwarding a decade and glossing over loose-ends.

Given the fact that the series went into their final season knowing it was their final one, the series finale felt like an aimless afterthought.

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Nevertheless, you can't help but be grateful for the chance to say goodbye to this show and these great characters. Fresh off of Rob Thomas' other series, we know it could have gone a whole lot worse.

Ravi: Hey buddy.
Major: Miss you too.
Ravi: Remarkable. It's like you're preserved in amber.

IZombie was one of the best and most underrated series on the CW, and it had one of the best cast. I'm going to miss it: the stories, the brains, the characters, and cast -- all of it.

Same Liv, New Renegade - Tall - iZombie Season 5 Episode 1

For the last time, my fellow iZombie Fanatics, what did you think of the hour? Did the finale satisfy you?

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Was there anything you wanted to see happen? Please, hit the comments below with all your thoughts and feelings!

Whenever you're feeling nostalgic, or if you aren't ready to let the series go yet, you can watch iZombie online here via TV Fanatic!

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Enzo: It seems your friend Major has escaped. Perhaps you would like the chance to beg for your life.
Hobbs: Perhaps you can kiss my --