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Liv eats the brain of a beauty pageant woman who has been in a coma since 1999.

A fellow competitor was accused of sabotaging and permanently injuring her. She did time in prison but she insisted she was innocent. The victim's mother meant to sabotage Velma the competition but it hurt her daughter instead. Liv gets her to confess.

Liv helps martin get clean. He stays with her. She has major and Peyton check I'm with him too.

Her mother comes looking for her and asks her to help. Evan needs to leave the country for cancer treatment. Liv doesn't know if she will help at first. Eva comes again and brings Evan. Evan meets their father. Liv helps them leave seattle.

Dolly took Sloan. She holds her captive and starves her until she goes Romero. She then unleashes her on humans. Major spends time searching for sloan. They get there too late he has to kill her. The whole attack is publicized.

Peyton and Ravi investigate Beanpole. They figure out the Utopium was probably in the evidence. They find out don e posed as a doctor to check it out. But when they talk to don e, they find out it was his brother.

They go to his house to look for the drugs and find Blaine. They don't find the drugs.

Peyton is fired as mayor. Peyton finds out beanpole is alive and a zombie. She finds his address and they see liv leaving. It's her father.

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iZombie Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Wasssuuuuppp, Clive, is me again!


Ravi: What is this? She eat the cast of Clueless or something?
Clive: Nineties pageant girl brain.