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- Billy has a difficult time adjusting to school now that he is back. Other students don't trust him and give him trouble about his time in juvie. This causes  him to retreat and push Jane away.

- Billy meets a new student Zoe while waiting to see Rita. They meet up again at the outdoor movie event.

- At Donovan Decker, India brings a celebrity, Aidan, for them to create a collection for. She sets them up to fail, but Eli saves the day with an amazing, modern jacket.

- Gray tells Jeremy that she knows that he was sleeping with India and wants him to befriend her again.

- India lets Jeremy know that she is out to destroy Gray and Jane. And, she wants him to help her. She threatens to out him as the mole if he doesn't. India and Jeremy hook up again. But, it is unclear if Jeremy is doing it for Gray or if he is going to team up with India.

- Ben and Rita break up after he comes on too strong.

- Jane is happy to see Billy smiling at the movie with Zoe. She watches the movie with Ben.

Jane By Design
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Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Ben: So, cancel the gorrilla-gram?
Billy: Is he serious?
Jane: No way.
Billy and Jane [in unison]: Cancel it!

Oh, and Gray? And, what was it that you used to say? I expect perfection.