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The episode picks up after two months with Ben aware of Jane's secret. And, Billy getting out of juvenile detention.


After a big hug outside the detention center, Billy keeps Jane at a distance. He returns to school to find out that Nick and Lulu are now a couple. Eventually, he finds out that Jane and Jeremy are not together, but he still won't tell her how he really feels about her.


At work, Gray has been unsuccessful in replacing India and Jeremy tells Jane she is being considered. Another contender arrives -- Gray's nephew, Eli. He ends up getting the job.


Ben isn't able to keep Jane's secret and gets caught in a potential lie. Rita wants to visit the sick Jane at home. Begrudgingly, Billy agrees to get Jane. And, Jane's secret is safe from Rita for now.


Jane asks Billy about his comment, "It's you." at the fashion show months before. He says that they are best friends and he doesn't want to lose that. Though, he is clearly conflicted about lying to her.


India returns to Donovan Decker as the contact for Harrods and is determined to get revenge on Jane.



Jane By Design
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Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Jane: I missed you.
Billy: I missed you, too, Janey.

The whole racing to save Jane thing isn't really my problem anymore.