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Jane finally realizes that despite her best efforts, she still ended up pregnant and unmarried like her mother. Since her biggest fear already happened, why should she wait any longer to have sex? In Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 3, Jane decides she's ready to have sex with Michael and they make plans to do the deed that night. She starts to question her decision though, after a few run-ins with Rafael leave her heart racing. If she's developing feelings for Rafael, should she really be sleeping with Michael?

Fortunately, for Jane, she doesn't have to answer that question right away. Before the two can go all the way, a fire alarm is pulled and their night is interrupted. Jane confesses she's still not ready and Michael suggests they just push up the wedding date - to next week. 

Meanwhile, Michael is getting more entrenched with Petra through his investigation into Roman Zazo's murder. When Petra realizes she lost one of her necklaces in Zazo's room while they were hooking up the night of his murder, she calls on Michael to retrieve it for her. Michael, scared that having Petra exposed will lead to Petra and Rafael getting divorced and Jane keeping the baby, agrees to help her. 

Later, when Michael's partner discovers that Petra has been lying about her whereabouts the night of the murder, Petra blackmails Michael. If Michael can't get Petra out of this situation, she'll let everyone know he tampered with evidence - which would assuredly mean jail time and losing Jane. 

And if that's not enough drama for you, Luisa is carrying on a torrid love affair with her own step-mother and Alba attempts to stop Rogelio from inserting himself into Jane's life before Jane's ready. 

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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Then again, we both ended up unmarried and pregnant, so you must have really pissed the big man off.


Jane: I just find it kind of sexy when you talk all cop.
Michael: Oh yeah? I've got a 15 minute break coming up. The seats in my car lean all the way back.
Jane: I'm not having sex with you for the first time in the back seat of your car.
Michael: I was totally kidding.