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Jane and Michael are stunned by a news story about Michael messing up the Sin Rostro/Mutter investigation. Michael ends up being put on unpaid suspension for sic months. He ends up taking a job as head of security for Rogelio. The newspaper article also makes Rafael come clean about working with the cops before he got to know Derek. Derek says it's okay, but makes an ominous call about taking "him" out.

Jane scrambles to make more money by helping a privileged teenager write his college essay. Instead of helping him as she thought, it turns out the mother just wants her to write the essay for her son. Meanwhile, Jane also helps Anezka out by training her as a waitress at the Marbella. All the time spent not being present with Mateo weighs heavily on Jane.

Jane and Rafael decide to use a mediator to help them figure out custody of Mateo. After some disagreements, they realize they need to prioritize Mateo and not let their personal feelings get in the way.

Anezka thinks the world of Jane, which somewhat irritates Petra, who feels Rafael will always trust Jane more. Petra found out Rafael is allowing Jane to be in charge of Mateo's trust in the event something should happen to him, but he won't allow Petra to do the same for their daughters. After Petra tells Anezka everything, Anezka takes it upon herself to place an ad in Jane's newspaper offering her essay writing services. 

Rogelio and Dina have been sleeping together in secret. Xo asks to audition for a small part of an episode of Rogelio's show. He hands her the part and while on set, Xo notices the connection between Rogelio and Dina. After Xo makes a mess out of her part, she tells Rogelio he definitely likes Dina more than he's letting on. When Rogelio tries to figure out if there's something deeper going on with Dina, she tells him they are just keeping things casual.

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Now I can accept that I'm just not one of those maternal moms, and I'm fine with that. They're cute in small doses.


Awe, isn't this nice? Things are so good. Alas, knowing telenovela structures as I do, I'm a little worried.