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Jane and her family get an invitation to a Mother's Day party that Petra is hosting. Jane agrees they will come, but the mood quickly changes once Jane finds out Anezka wrote an ad in her college newspaper advertising essay writing for money. The school demands Jane find the culprit or her job as a TA is at stake. Jane figures out it was Anezka and tells Petra. When Petra confronts Anezka, she fesses up but agrees to keep it quiet when Anezka reveals Jane's criticisms of her being good mom. At the party, things are awkward, especially when they play a video everyone made for Jane about how great a mother she is. Anezka makes a speech praising Petra. As the party comes to a close, Petra and Jane argue about Anezka until Anezka has an epileptic episode. At the hospital, Anezka admits what she did causes Jane to be angry at Petra for lying. At the end of the episode, it is revealed to the audience that Anezka has been faking her accent. 

Once Rafael is about to quire the hotel next to the Marbella, Derek tells him that he will hand over the new hotel or he will go to the cops and tell them about Rafael's insider trading. Rafael doesn't know what to do and he confides in Jane, who in turn tells Michael. Michael figures out Derek must not have been on the boat when he said he had been. When Petra finds out, she goes to Rafael and tells him they will figure out how to take Derek down together. Little do they know Derek has been working with his mother the entire time.

In order to impress Dina and her friends, he enlists Jane to help him appear smarter. Rogelio makes a great impression at Dina's birthday party until a texting mishap. Rogelio tells Dina how he really feels about her and she seems to be feeling the same way. 

Xo's handling of Rogelio moving on doesn't go so well when she ends up sleeping with Rogelio's enemy, Esteban. 

Michael oversteps his bounds at his new job and tries to get back to doing what he does best, police work. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Dina is seeing me only as a sex object, and I have to prove to her that I'm more than just oceans of charisma. I refuse to be objectified.


Jane: Ricardo has a twin brother?
Narrator: Don't act so surprised Jane. It's a well-worn trope of a genre.
Xo: I did not see that coming.
Narrator: But it still works every time.