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Jane and Michael settle back into their ways as a couple. Rafael is trying to make nice with Michael as best as he can. Jane tip toes around Michael when it comes to bringing Rafael. Despite getting back together, Michael worries that Jane may leave him again. Jane reassures Michael that she wants to be with him and she isn't going anywhere. Michael proposes and Jane accepts.

Michael tries to help Jane when she discovers Angelique Harper stole her idea for her most recent book release. Later, Petra accompanies Jane to Angelique's book signing where Jane gets ready to confront the author. However, Petra goes into labor and Jane rushes her to the hospital. Petra gives birth to the twins without any medicine. Rafael shows up late, but is happy to see his new daughters.

Rafael has been struggling with Jane's rejection and the issues in his family. After a stern talking to from Petra, Rafael agrees to help Michael track down Rafael's half-brother. 

Xo is furious to find out Alba lied to her about only having slept with Xo's father. Xo feels like she was treated like a slut. Alba apologizes to Xo. Xo surprises Alba with the news she invited her first flame to Miami, but Alba claims the man is bad news. 

Rogelio has been trapped inside his home with Paola for days. He pretends to play along with her demands and feelings. When he tries to escape, she knocks him over the head.

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Rafael: Oh Petra, honestly, back off. I'm not in the mood. I'm tired.
Petra: You're tired? I'm full term with twins.

Jane was ready. The time was right. What were they waiting for? And so they finally had sex. Lots and lots of sex. Just kidding! Geez, why are you all so obsessed with that anyway?