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Jane is furious with Rafael for lying about Michael for six months. After Rafael demands to get Mateo on Christmas, Jane and Rafael think about getting their lawyers involved. Jane suspects Rafael is involved in crimes, so she traces a mysterious account that Wesley wrote about in his expose. It turns out, Rafael gives large sums of money to a charity. After this discovery, Jane asks Rafael to go to therapy with her. In the session, Jane learns that Rafael was hurt by Jane's willingness to protect Michael who was protecting Nadine who was involved with Sin Rostro who killed his father. Jane and Rafael come to an understanding. Jane still has feelings for Michael as she pictures him as her knight in shining armor, and after Michael secretly fixed the angel for the top of their tree. 

Jane discovers Rogelio was behind her scholarship for school. However, now that he is poor, Jane can no longer afford it. Thankfully, her professor tells her about a writing competition, and he makes it so Wesley is kicked out and Jane can take his T.A. position. 

Petra envisions Ivan's ghost everywhere, and it affects her blood pressure. Petra reveals everything she'd been hiding to Rafael, who actually understands and wants to help her finally get rid of her mother. However, before they can call the police, the cops show up to arrest Petra. Turns out Magda turned on her daughter before Petra could turn on her.

Rogelio misses Michael and even stalks him at his favorite coffee place. Rogelio puts his intern to the test, but pushes him too far and quits. However, Rogelio reads his script and loves it and wants to make it his new passion project.

Luisa learns her mother is alive and had swapped her identity. 

Alba finally gets her greencard. 



Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Santa: Ho. Ho. Ho. No fighting at the north pole.
Jane: Stay out of this, Santa.

Magda: Petra, it's done.
Petra: No it's not. I can still see the blood.
Narrator: Easy there, Lady Macbeth.