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The episode takes place over the course of five months. Jane takes time to heal from pushing Michael away. She also struggles to be a good writer in her grad school class while also taking care of Mateo, who also needs to wear a helmet for his head. Jane eventually makes some new friends in her class, but one of them is using her life story for his own story. Jane also doesn't seem to be impressing her professor. Rafael grows closer to one of the women in the mommy and me classes. After dating for a month, Rafael realizes he still wants Jane. Jane eventually agrees to going on a date with Rafael.

Jane learns that Mateo is set to inherit around 40 million dollars from Rafael. Jane worries that Mateo will be spoiled. They spend the next few months disagreeing about his inheritance until they decide on the best course of action. For every dollar Mateo gets, he must give to charity.

Petra eventually gets Magda released from prison with the help of Jane and her family. When Milos has to go away, he leaves Ivan with them. Magda kills Ivan.

Rogelio works on a new show, but gets into trouble when the subject matter is too close to the series Mad Men.

Michael and Nadine appear to team up to take down Sin Rostro.

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

So I'm failing at being a writer and a mom.


Rafael: Twins?
Narrator: For those of you keeping track at home, that's now three children for Rafael, and zero sex.