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Jane decides she wants to be with Michael, but doesn't know how to tell Rafael. Rafael knows Jane wants Michael because of the baby monitor. Rafael tries to avoid Jane telling him about Michael, until finally he tells her he knows. Rafael tells Jane she is making a mistake choosing Michael. Michael and Rafael get into a physical altercation after Michael gets in trouble at work for letting Nadine go. He blames Rafael who he thinks overheard on the baby monitor. Their fight ends up hurting Mateo. Jane figures out that she needs to put Mateo first and tells Michael they can't be together. After being fired from his job, Michael gets into his car, and Nadine is in the backseat pointing a gun at him.

Rafael is stunned when Petra says she is going to marry Milos. He thinks it is about custody, and even has Jane go to Petra's mother in jail to get more information about Milos and Petra's history. Petra tells Jane she is marrying Milos for money. Milos ends up showing Petra part of the real reason he married her. He is smuggling grenades and she can't testify against him now that she is his wife. 

Jane, Xo, and Alba discover they may be a small hitch in her plans to become a citizen. Xo has a felony because she took the fall for a guy she once dated who stole her a necklace. Xo may not be able to be Alba's sponsor with a record. Xo and Jane track down the guy in order to convince him to come clean so Xo can clean her record. Alba and Xo accidently eat a pot candy bar that the guy gave Jane. Xo and Alba end up intimidating the guy into coming clean.

Rogelio is furious when he finds out Britney Spears is at the Marbella. He makes a scene at the hotel and she claims he's a stalker. It turns out they both did something wrong. Rogelio tipped off the paparazzi when he went shopping with her, and she, inadvertently caused him to be embarrassed at an awards show. They both apologize and make up. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Rafael: Is this about money?
Petra: No, this is about the fact that we've worked through our issues.
Jane: Like the fact that he threw acid at your mother?
Petra: You met my mother, Jane. Clearly you can understand the urge.

Britney Spears: Wait, are you still mad about that teleprompter accident?
Rogelio: It wasn't an accident. It was premeditated, and you were the premeditator.